The Four Pillars of PiN: Series Introduction

So what is PiN all about? It is a question we get a lot, and most people are surprised when we give them the answer. PiN is about LOVE. Yes PiN provides food, clothing, hygiene supplies, medical care, dental care, hygiene supplies, housing, church, Bible Studies, and recovery groups for people that are homeless and extremely poor; however, all of the services we provide comes from a foundation of Love. 1 John 4:8 tells us that "God is love," so the Foundation of PiN is God. PIN believes that life transformation comes through a life-transforming relationship with Jesus. On that foundation sits Four Pillars that we believe are the pivotal service that PIN provide to help homeless people live transformed lives.

Pillar 1: Medical Care

PiN provides medical and dental care to help people to have and live healthier lives. These services are helping the homeless live healthier and fuller lives.

Pillar 2: Housing

PiN believes that housing is critical to helping people who are homeless to stabilize their lives; living in the woods and on the street makes gaining and maintaining employment very difficult.

Pillar 3: Recovery

PiN provides 12-Step Recovery groups to help people to deal with their addictions in a God-centered way.

Pillar 4: Job Training

PiN believes that employment is the key to helping people go from dependence to independence.

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