Is My Donation Important?

First, PiN is honored that someone would consider donating to us. We consider every dollar donated as a blessing from God. We also understand that your money is valuable and you worked hard to earn it. PiN takes very serious how we spend your money and where it can have the biggest impact on the homeless. Currently, PiN has four pillars; these are the things that we believe can transform people’s lives (Recovery, Housing, Job Training, and Medical/Dental). Most of the money that we spend is in services that help get people plugged into these pillars. We are able to do a lot with a little because of all the dedicate volunteers and because of items that we get donated. With all that in mind, we still are in need of some additional funding in order to increase some critical service for the homeless.

Currently, we have two recovery groups a week; however, we need to increase this to seven days a week. We have seen some incredible life changes through our recovery groups, so we know if we increase our recovery groups we will have even more success. We want to start a job-training program; HOWEVER, it is going to take some seed funding to get it going. We also had to cut the amount of people we can send to the dental clinic because of a lack of funding. We would like to see this critical area fully funded in the future. We need your help.

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