Homeless Thoughts: "I’m Not Employable"

Maybe when you see a person who appears to be homeless you have thought, “Why don’t you get a job?” You are probably thinking you would work three jobs before you would become homeless. What If I told you that no matter how many applications you put in, you can’t get a single job. It’s not that you’re not trying; you seriously can’t seem to get a job because you are now “Not Employable”.

Most of the people who find themselves in this position have felonies. When people do a background check, it prevents companies from wanting to give them a job. Some of those felonies are malicious wounding or sex offences, which prevent employers from wanting to hire you. I totally understand what the employer is thinking: “If you used a weapon to wound someone, maybe you might hurt me.” Also, once someone becomes a sex offender and they are on one of those web sites, it now becomes very difficult to get a job even you are now a completely different person than the person that did those horrible things. As a Christian ministry, we believe that people can be a New Creation in Christ. Once you have one of these offenses sitting on your record it is difficult (and may seem impossible) to get a job at even minimum wage. Even after you have made some life transforming changes your record doesn’t go away.

I’ve talked to people that have heard “no” so many times that it feels like they will never hear the word “yes” again. If you have ever been searching for a job you know how tense and frustrating that time can be. Imagine if you hear “no” 5, 10 even 50 times. Eventually you may give up because you now feel like you will never get a job again. Welcome to being not employable. Most people who find themselves in this circumstance will eventually give up and resort to people that pay under the table by cash.

Lets face facts: people who do illegal things to avoid paying taxes will eventually cheat their workers, especially someone who is homeless because they know this person won’t go to the police and explain what was done to them. So often the homeless either don’t get paid what they were promised or don’t get paid anything. Secondly, they may end up doing something illegal because they feel they don’t have another more legitimate options.

PiN is hoping to raise enough money to start a job-training program to take people that are currently in this unemployable state and put them in a position to get a career. We will not only give them training, but also work with employers to help them get good jobs.

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