How Can Businesses Work with PiN?

Most businesses want to make the neighborhoods that they do their business in a better place; however, is the non-profit organization I’m supporting really make a difference?

That is a great question. PiN believes we do more with a dollar than any other organization you could support. The reason we are able to stretch a dollar so much is because of the dedication of our volunteers. If you run a business, PiN would be honored to talk to you about how we can partner. You can learn more here on this website.

Even if you don’t run a company, there are ways that you can have influence on your company's decision to support PiN financially. A lot of companies will match your donation (dollar for dollar) and some will even go so far as to match two dollars for every dollar. This is a way that that you can make your donation dollar go even further. Some companies will even make a donation to a non-profit if you volunteer a certain amount of hours. This is a way to give of your time and influence how they give. A lot of companies have a charitable foundation, and PiN would be honored to receive donations from these foundations; however it is much easier to receive money from these foundations if we have an employee on the inside giving their support. Some of these ways of corporate giving are not always publicized; it may just take a call to the owner or the HR to find out the different corporate giving options.

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