The Four Pillars of PiN: Job Training

Employment is something that is very important to helping people who are currently homeless. Jobs are an interesting thing when you think about it; most people thank God when we're going to get away from our job for a couple days. When we go back to work we have a case of the Mondays. However, all of us would agree that most of us would be homeless eventually if we didn’t have or keep our jobs. That is why getting a job is so important to getting someone off the street. There are two types of skills that you need to get and maintain a job: soft and hard job skills.

Soft skills are things such as 'how do you go to work on days when you don’t feel like it?' and 'how do you treat your coworkers and employer?' Hard skills are the actual skill and special abilities that will help you get a job. If you lack either hard or soft skills it can be very hard to find an occupation.

In the next 12 months, PiN is planning to start a job training program that will provide both soft and hard skills. The other thing to keep in mind is that people who are homeless have probably had a lot of rejection when it comes to employment. We believe our jobs training program will do a lot to build each person's individual self-esteem.

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