The Four Pillars of PiN: Housing

Well, if you actually look at the word 'homeless' it's clear that we are talking about someone without a home. Housing is extremely important in helping people change their lives. Most who are homeless have had housing in the past, but poor decisions can end in them not having a place to live; sometimes repeatedly.

People can also get in a cycle of homelessness that is difficult to get out of. You need an address to get an identification card, an identification card to get a job, and a job to get a place to live. Being stuck in the cycle can be very frustrating and can be overwhelming. PiN wants to eventually open a shelter that would be a safe place for people to go as they are trying to get their lives together.

Without a safe place to sleep you can feel overwhelmed. First, it is dangerous living on the street. There are no doors to lock to keep people out that might want to hurt you. Also, because it is against the law to sleep outside in Virginia Beach between 8:00pm and 8:00am, you actually have to break the law to sleep at night if you're homeless. Just imagine being homeless and being unable to find a safe place to sleep--the proper sleep you need to work the next day. It is enough to make someone want to give up.

This is why building a shelter is one of PiN’s most important pillars.

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