The Four Pillars of PiN: Medical

Homeless people often have lived unhealthy lives for a long time, so medical care is extremely important. Even as our country is moving to affordable health care, accessibility of health care is often out of the reach of people who are homeless. Medical care for homeless people is extremely important and can be life changing. PiN currently provides medical care every Sunday to people that are homeless.

First, our volunteer nurses assess our patients to see their vital signs and general health. Years of hard living has definitely had a negative impact on the health of people who are homeless. Our nurses spend time helping to educate our patients of the impact that life decisions have on their health.

We also have volunteer doctors that provide medical care for people who are homeless. Imagine being ill and living in the woods during the rainstorm and cold weather. PiN helps by not only providing medicine to people that are homeless, but also helping them to make better health decisions.

PiN also has a dentist that provides dental care for the homeless of Virginia Beach. You may not realize this, but you can die from a bad tooth. Not to mention that a bad tooth can hurt so bad that you can’t sleep, work or live a normal life. PiN helps homeless people with badly needed dental care. Poor teeth can also have a negative impact if you are trying to get a job. We have helped homeless people get employment by helping them gain a new smile. PiN is hoping to eventually have our own clinic so we can make medical and dental care more accessible to the poorest of our neighbors.

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