The Four Pillars are the main structures which People In Need has established to help lift up and support our community. The pillars ultimately stand on a solid, Christ Foundation.

Pillars of PiN Ministry
Medical Pillar
  • Basic First Aid

  • Preventative Medicine

  • Transportation to Resources

Training Pillar
  • Connecting People with Jobs

Recovery Pillar
  • Recovery Groups


Housing Pillar
  • City Leased Houses

  • Personal Accountability

Other Outreach Ministries


Every Sunday afternoon, PiN provides a hot meal to the homeless of Virginia Beach at Mount Olive Baptist Church. This is also where we provide our Sunday Clinic and PiN Church Worship Service. The meal starts at 2:00pm, and is offered in conjunction with our Medical Clinic before our Worship Service begins.
We also provide a dinner on Thursday evening before our Bible Study. Dinner begins at 5:45pm, and our Bible Study starts at 6:45pm.
PiN provides clothing to the homeless of Virginia Beach at various times throughout the week. Since the homeless have to carry all their clothing, they can only keep a minimal amount. You can donate items in our donation bin located at 1164 Millers Lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23451.
PiN also provides hygiene supplies to the homeless of Virginia Beach. Hygiene supplies are important for both self esteem and for preventing bacteria that causes illness.


We provide opportunities to take showers five days out of the week.


Individuals may sign up to wash clothing at PiN Ministry during our regular clothing distribution hours. We can currently support four individuals per day.


We have a partnership with many local beauticians and barbers, providing haircuts, color, manicures, and more! Feeling better about your appearance can take you far.

PiN has volunteer lawyers that help the homeless to deal with legal issues that they encounter.

Since 2005, PiN has offered a biblical worship service specifically designed for the homeless. The first Sunday had two homeless people in attendance and has continued to grow. We provide a biblical worship service for about 80 people every Sunday evening. It is important that the homeless can come worship in a place they feel comfortable and safe, in order to focus on God without the fear of being judged based on their outward appearance.
PIN created a group to help the homeless to not only study the Bible, but to learn how to apply the teachings to their lives. Our Bible Study groups are every Thursday Night from 5:45pm – 8:00pm at our headquarters.