PIN has volunteer nurses that offer basic first aid for the homeless of Virginia Beach. First aid is important for the homeless because they don’t have access to a medicine cabinet like most households have. Our nurses tend to bumps and bruises that come with life on the street.
PiN’s clinic is every Sunday. The homeless can meet with a nurse or doctor to treat mi-nor illnesses. We have the means to provide help for acute illnesses (such as colds) and can provide, in most cases, free prescriptions for antibiotics and other non-narcotic or non-psychotic medications. When a patient presents an illness or condition that the Sunday clinic cannot easily resolve, PiN provides a referral.



One of the most important ways PiN helps the homeless is through preventive medicine. PiN’s medical staff does a great job of teaching the homeless to be conscious of their blood pressure and to watch their diet.



One of the most difficult things about being homeless is a lack of services and transportation to those services. PiN has a 15 passenger van that we use to get the homeless of Virginia Beach to Social Services, the Beach Health Clinic, area hospitals, and more.


Often, the homeless get frustrated when trying to access government services, so PiN staff members often go with them to make sure they’re able to gain the services they need.


on Sundays, 1:30pm at Mount Olive Baptist Church

or Thursday 1pm at PIN Ministry

PiN Free Medical Care Virginia Beach
PiN Free Over the counter medicine Virginia Beach