"I Support PiN" Giving Cards


 A stack of PiN Giving Cards are the perfect Christmas Gift for people who:

  • don't need anything.

  • are the type who rather give than receive

  • have a heart for others!

  • need an answer for "What do I do when I see someone in need on the street?"

  • wish to make a direct difference in the lives of the homeless this Christmas!

What your Gift Receiver gets:​

  • The knowledge that a charitable donation has been made in their honor.

  • 5 Folding "I Support PiN" Cards with service times and information to share with whoever your receiver sees fit.

(These can be mailed to the giver or receiver. Please allow 5 business days for delivery.)

This donation is tax deductible.

Price: A Donation Amount of $50 or more.

Simply select "Christmas Giving Cards" in the drop menu

and we will contact you to arrange the details! 

Check Out This Video to See

What Your Receiver Can Give the Homeless with Your Donation: